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Hop to It Productions Hop to It Productions Hop to It Productions ( is a multimedia production company that produces content for a variety of platforms ranging from traditional television to web-based and mobile applications. Programming focuses on promoting diversity and active healthy living with a strong female role. International in scope, Hop to It Productions creates projects that also have a strong commercial appeal.


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The Challenge:

Hop to It’s production elements required a scaleable hosting environment for flash video files as well as an international distribution medium. Experiencing a dramatic increase in their post-production services – including film production, website and television series development – Hop To It required hosting services that included reporting services to assist them in tracking their growth and trends in online content usage.

"Hip Hop in the T-Dot and Dancemania are a very important initiatives for us," said Hop to It CEO Nina Beveridge. “We needed a platform enabler that could handle our projected content growth and a game interface that could stream multiple layers simultaneously and seamlessly.”

The INSINC Solution:

INSINC worked with Hop to It to provide flash format storage, distribution and tracking services. Tracking services were a key component in enabling the company’s management team to fulfill the requirements of their funding deliverables.

INSINC provided them with a scaleable storage and delivery infrastructure that could accommodate their rapid growth plans. Having established a prior relationship with Hop To It’s sister production company Beevision (, INSINC’s track record spoke for itself.

“Their reliability and success in the broadcast space has made them a perfect fit to take our on-line streaming products to the next level,” noted Nina Beveridge, also Co-Owner of Beevision.


The Result:

Over the past 18 months, Hop To It was awarded Bell Funding on two projects – Hip Hop in the T-Dot ( and Big Grin’s House Party Hop To IT has also developed multi-platform properties including a new interactive game called Create-A-Date – a humourous romantic role playing and fantasy Internet based game.

In early 2007, Create-A-Date was chosen as one of 10 finalists in the first round of Telefilm Canada’s Great Canadian Video Game Competition.

Other projects in the pipeline include:

Count Me In – a TV series targeted to the 16-34 age demographic; Cupid’s Café – an interactive product that marries romance and escape with Fun and creativity; and Suck it Up Princess – a one hour documentary, that explores the world of Renee Rodriguez, a 19 year old website designer, moderator and charity organizer suffering from congenital muscular dystrophy. Suck it Up Princess was a recent finalist at the 2007 Banff World Television Festival’s CTV Documart.

Video clips are available of the company website: