The launch of INSINC was overseen by an extraordinarily talented team comprised of an eclectic mix of network engineers, on-air talent, programmers, producers, web developers, videographers, technologists, and entrepreneurs.    While many persons passed through the door and contributed to the growth and success of the company, the original founders formed the foundation in the early years and set the compass.


A special thanks goes out to all that helped along the way. 

The original team was comprised of:

Grant Christian, Operations Director
Ron Cuthbert, VP Operations
Hugh Dobbie, President & CEO
John Doyle, Director, Production Management
Chris Lindgren, Videographer
Al Mattrick, Director of Business Development
Jayne McCaw-Gilbert, Vice President Sales
David McIlroy, Director, Media Technology
Kevin McKinnon, Network Engineer / Manager, Broadcast and Delivery Operations
David Phinney, Systems Administrator
John Rea, General Manager, Board of Directors

Our memory is hazy.  If you were an original INSINC team member (1999-2000) drop us a line and we’ll include you in our team list.
On the content side, talent and programs included:

Pat Boland, Investors OnLine
Bob Bunting , AppleTalk
David Chalk, Chalk Talk Radio Show
Adam Clark, Appletalk
Harvey Cohen’s Night School, Harvey Cohen
Sean Diamond, The Hot Lunch Show
Hugh Dobbie, Oldies Online and Retro Rock Request Show
Rita Dominelli, Beauty Link
Geoff Edwards, Canada Grade A
Michael Godin, Treasure Island Oldies
Al Holender, Home Biz Show and Big Al’s Dance Party
David Ingram, Around the World
Ozzie Jurock, Around the World
Chris Lindgren, European Connection
Tom Lucas, Oldies Online and Retro Rock Request Show
Mick Luvzit, Real Power Hits and Real Country Radio
Kevin McKinnon, Retro Rock Request Show
Bob Mackin (Sr), Chat with Santa
Bernie Pascal, HockeyonTap
Jared Reamsbottom, Soulful Sounds
Wally Robinson, Gospel Train